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Our Story

Our Founder & CEO, Laura Abbott, is passionate about bringing a better senior living service to her community. Laura volunteered in the past at the Home for the Aged in Yonkers and would get very saddened by what she saw on her visits – seniors sitting in wheelchairs in the hallways, facing the walls. She also witnessed her father-in-law in his last couple years living in a large facility in Illinois, and she felt he didn’t get enough individualized attention there.

While her main interest over the past nine years has been renovating houses and holding on to some rentals, when Laura heard about this particular model of real estate investing, she immediately knew this was the direction she wanted to take. She invested in education/training in this area and decided to create many of these homes in CT to give seniors another option in living arrangements in their golden years.


We are a team of real estate investors and entrepreneurs who look for problems and strive to bring better solutions that make people’s lives better.

Why? Because we’re people too. And, we want this world to be a better place.

Laura Gill Abbott

Founder and CEO

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